Buku - Quick Help Guide

Buku digitally keeps track of receivables and payables quickly and safely at its core. In order to efficiently do that, Buku provides host of other features for quick and simple book keeping.


Manage your customers and transactions with them
  • • Add transactions
  • • Set Credit Limit
  • • View their Business Profile
  • • Send Reminders


It provides end to end credit/payment cycle for your business whether you are a retailer or distributor/whole-seller/stockist or professional or any general user
  • 1. Give Credit / Receive Payment
  • 2. Take Credit / Make Payment
In case you don’t want to type remarks, you can just record your voice as remarks.


Keep track of your personal and business expenses. It can give you valuable insight and help you stop leakage and unnecessary expenditure. After all, penny saved is penny earned !!


Any accounting system is good if it records all financial transactions. Any transactions missed to be recorded might result in inaccurate and ineffective system.
Buku SMS bot helps you in recording all your bank transactions with almost no effort whether it’s a payment made by you towards expense or goods bought OR payment received by you from your customers for goods sold or credit given.

Voice notes

We understand that it is difficult to add transactions with customers at the counter. Quick Voice notes enables you to record the transactions quickly which you can add later to the ledger at your convenience.


  • • Set you language.Buku comes in 10 languages.
  • • Set your currency and date format
  • • Enable Auto SMS
  • • App lock
  • • Enable/Disable Local backup time and restore and email data


Buku can generate various kind of reports with or without filters. You can get report in PDF or Excel file as desired.